About Sunoco 260GT

While practically any race fuel we make is available, our most popular retail race fuel by far is our 100-octane Sunoco 260GT. Sunoco 260GT  is designed for high-performance use in street cars, muscle cars, classics, street rods, motorcycles and karts. Sunoco 260GT  contains no metallic compounds to harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Our comprehensive additive package promotes greater engine protection and inhibits fuel system deposits. Sunoco 260GT is also compatible with virtually all two-stroke synthetic and mineral-based motor oils.

Other race fuels available include:
• Sunoco FR
• Sunoco 260 GTX
• Sunoco 260 GT Plus
• Sunoco M02X Unleaded
• “The” Standard
• Supreme™
• Sunoco M02X Leaded
• HCR Plus
• Maximal
• MaxNOS

For information on these fuels, go to www.racegas.com.

In some circumstances, Sunoco Race Fuels may be marketed under the CAM 2™ brand. Turbo Blue® and Trick® Race Fuel brands are also available.

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